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Throws the valise into a stone crusher machine but it stops it up. The workers throw the valise at Mr. Bunion.


Bunions on his feet. Goes to see a podiatrist.

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Tries to take a nap but can think of nothing else but the valise.

The man with TROUBLE has drawn a crowd and tells everyone that Mr. Bunion is his friend.


Follows a sign that says opportunites are this way - running with others who kick up so much dust he can't compete.

Talks with a blind man who senses the valise.

A child will not stop asking questions so Mr. Bunion runs away

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Speaks with a German man re: his valise STUMPFE PFLICHT translates to BLUNT OBLIGATION.


Man with TROUBLE is back and wants to know where he can dump the bundle.


Says he never drinks but a fellow sent him wine. As he drinks the wine the valise turns into JOY, but after he falls asleep and wakes up it is still there "No more of this! It is good but it fools me!"


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