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Mr. Bunion rides in an automobile.

Decides to get a haircut before he meets the great leader of women's suffrage.


Tries dancing to chase away the blues and ends up tripping on the valise.

Nothing works, no one is in, there isn't a seat anywhere, etc.

A man sends Mr. Bunion to see his brother to rid him of his valise and Mr. Bunion has to go through a series of people and never gets to speak to the brother.


Last Pilgrim's Progress - says goodbye to Silas.

Has a little daydream of turning the valise into a lion trap and showing it to Theodore Roosevelt in the jungle.

Receives an inheritance from an uncle but it ends up being more trouble (flooded farm land).


Sees a man who has had a fight and the man he is fighting with shows up. They start to throw punches and the man's back says John Barley Corn.

Has a discussion with his niece over her photo album of friends. All of them married and are separated
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