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Man with cheetah on his back labeled "curse."

Follows a sign that says opportunites are this way - running with others who kick up so much dust he can't compete.

Meets a magician.


Man wants to spend money, buy his friends a round a drinks, but no one will let him. Mr. Bunion tries to convince him to let him hold the money in his valise.

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Has man in a boat take the valise out to sea to throw overboard, then goes swimming where a wave washes the valise over him and hits him on the head.

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Comes across an adulterous couple.

Reads that art can offer relief - walks around looking at advertising posters.

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A testing of a protective shell, which ammunition is piercing with ease. Mr. Bunion places his valise in front of it hoping it will be destroyed but it stops the projectile and he is chased away.

Goes to the art museum

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Watches a painter paint a scene outdoors.


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