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Xrays the valise.

Woman in a park is playing the harp, which causes the valise to disappear.


Says he never drinks but a fellow sent him wine. As he drinks the wine the valise turns into JOY, but after he falls asleep and wakes up it is still there "No more of this! It is good but it fools me!"


Why pay rent? Bunions looking at buying a house because paying rent is foolish. Landlord shows up and asks when they are going to pay the rent, it is overdue.


Man with wheelbarrow full of debt.

Mr. Bunion throws the valise into ocean hoping the whale will eat it.

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Weighs the valise and is surprised by weight.

Washington Monument


The valise is missing causing the whole house to scurry about. A servant brings it in because he had taken it outside to dust it off.

Visits the zoo and gives valise to an elephant who hits him on the head with it.
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