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Last Pilgrim's Progress - says goodbye to Silas.

Why pay rent? Bunions looking at buying a house because paying rent is foolish. Landlord shows up and asks when they are going to pay the rent, it is overdue.


Has portrait painted and six weeks later, the painting title "Despair" will hang over the execution chamber at the penitentiary.

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Has a little daydream of turning the valise into a lion trap and showing it to Theodore Roosevelt in the jungle.

Has a discussion with his niece over her photo album of friends. All of them married and are separated

Nothing works, no one is in, there isn't a seat anywhere, etc.

A man sends Mr. Bunion to see his brother to rid him of his valise and Mr. Bunion has to go through a series of people and never gets to speak to the brother.


Wife has portrait of Mr. Bunion made.

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Visits the zoo and gives valise to an elephant who hits him on the head with it.

Man is cleaning his gun which goes off in the direction of Mr. Bunion. It hits the valise, which ends up saving Mr. Bunion's life.
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