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Mr. Bunion walks on Rocky Road and asks his way to Glad Ave. A man offers to carry his valise and show him the way.

Convinces a high-diver at the beach to throw his valise into the ocean.

Buries the valise so he can retire to "Comfortopolis."

Mr. Bunion pawns the valise and he and Mrs. Bunion go out to celebrate.

Sees an old friend, he assumes that Mr.Bunion has it "coming in bunches."

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Climbs Mt. Vesuvius and throws the case in and goes to Naples to get a plate of spaghetti.

Meets an old school mate who is wealthy and assumes all the boys are as well, including Bunion.

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Mr. Bunion dreams he has lost the valise.

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Has meal with financial man who is depressed and only obtains pleasure from eating.

Nothing works, no one is in, there isn't a seat anywhere, etc.
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