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Climbs Mt. Vesuvius and throws the case in and goes to Naples to get a plate of spaghetti.

Meets two boys with giant firecrackers and tries to blow up the valise.

Is hit by a car and convalesces in the hospital.

Mr. Bunion can not seem to get out of everyone's way.

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Tries to lose the valise in a tornado.

Mr. Bunion becomes a debt collector.

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Mr. Bunion dreams he has lost the valise.

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Builds a flying machine and attaches it to the valise, which flies off, but then turns back and crashes into Mr. Bunion.

Man convinces Mr. Bunion to a bet that he can get rid of the valise. Police rough up Mr. Bunion for betting.

Has man in a boat take the valise out to sea to throw overboard, then goes swimming where a wave washes the valise over him and hits him on the head.

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