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Mr. Bunion rides in an automobile.

Back from summer vacation, he has to pick out his valise from the baggage room at the train station.

Nothing works, no one is in, there isn't a seat anywhere, etc.

Catches a ferry to "Cheerful Beach."

Builds a flying machine and attaches it to the valise, which flies off, but then turns back and crashes into Mr. Bunion.

House is too quiet so he takes a walk. Ambulance, firetruck, police patrol, insane asylum, poor house, penitentary. Thankful for his quiet home.

Is hit by a car and convalesces in the hospital.


At the train station, man takes Dull Care by mistake and leaves his valise instead.

Needs to catch a train to meet a man who will rid him of the valise. Rides a sled with some kids down to the depot, but they hit the man with TROUBLE and another with ILL LUCK and he misses the train.
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