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Visits the zoo and gives valise to an elephant who hits him on the head with it.

Man is cleaning his gun which goes off in the direction of Mr. Bunion. It hits the valise, which ends up saving Mr. Bunion's life.

Tries dancing to chase away the blues and ends up tripping on the valise.

A man borrows the valise to play a joke on his friend. The friend kicks the valise and hits Mr. Bunion in the face.


Climbs over the wall from 1908 into 1909 and leaves the valise in 1908. Father time throws the valise over the wall and it hits Mr. Bunion in the head.

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Goes roller skating, falls and bumps his head and instead of seeing stars he sees little valises.


Throws the valise into a stone crusher machine but it stops it up. The workers throw the valise at Mr. Bunion.


Has man in a boat take the valise out to sea to throw overboard, then goes swimming where a wave washes the valise over him and hits him on the head.

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Man convinces Mr. Bunion to a bet that he can get rid of the valise. Police rough up Mr. Bunion for betting.

Builds a flying machine and attaches it to the valise, which flies off, but then turns back and crashes into Mr. Bunion.
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