1908 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips

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1908 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips


McCay, Winsor Z.




New York Evening Telegram


The New York Herald Co.


Newspaper Comic


A Pilgrim's Progress By Mister Bunion comics from 1908.


Kirsten A. McKinney
New York State Library




Newspaper Comic



Items in the 1908 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips Collection

[Nephew Photographer]
Nephew takes photos of Mr. Bunion, once with and once without the valise.

[Missed Opportunity]
Man really likes valise and Mr. Bunion thinks he is kidding. Another man comes by and explains that the first man really wanted the valise. Mr. Bunion is angry at himself for not realizing.

Is robbed of the valise by thieves who think it is full of money. Officer finds valise and returns it.

Talks with a man who writes gossip for "The Daily Blast" - defaming decent women whom Mr. Bunion likes. Last panel he is thankful for the old valise.

[Flying Machine]
Builds a flying machine and attaches it to the valise, which flies off, but then turns back and crashes into Mr. Bunion.

[Financial District]
Sees a sign for the Financial District and thinks he should give it a try. Finds men with larger burdens, being chased by the police, in jail and then one man shoots himself in the head! Mr. Bunion decides his valise is just fine.

Leaves his valise on the road and hides behind a rock. A man comes along and finds him to give it back.

Tosses the valise into the ocean but a dog swims out and fetches it back.

Parson calls to borrow the valise for a trip. Mr. Bunion sends it over via a courier. The parson sees it (SILENCE) and then returns it with a note.

Gives his valise to a hotel clerk to cover with "pasters" from countries around the world. Turns the words into Daily Care, and then Daily Grind.