1909 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips

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1909 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips


McCay, Winsor Z.




New York Evening Telegram


The New York Herald Co.


Newspaper Comic


A Pilgrim's Progress By Mister Bunion comics from 1909.


Kirsten A. McKinney
New York State Library




Newspaper comic



Items in the 1909 Pilgrim's Progress Comic Strips Collection

Receives an inheritance from an uncle but it ends up being more trouble (flooded farm land).

Sunday, decides not to go to church because it won't make things better. Is walking along musing about how we rest on Sunday to dig for six days a week only to rest again and dig again. Finds an amusement park ticket and decides he wants to be…

[John Barley Corn]
Sees a man who has had a fight and the man he is fighting with shows up. They start to throw punches and the man's back says John Barley Corn.

Decides to get a haircut before he meets the great leader of women's suffrage.

Mr. Bunion rides in an automobile.

[Talkative Man]
Mr. Bunion stops to have a rest and a guy comes along and talks his ear off.

[Playing a Joke]
A man borrows the valise to play a joke on his friend. The friend kicks the valise and hits Mr. Bunion in the face.

[Dance and Sing]
Tries dancing to chase away the blues and ends up tripping on the valise.

Man is cleaning his gun which goes off in the direction of Mr. Bunion. It hits the valise, which ends up saving Mr. Bunion's life.

[Visit to the Zoo]
Visits the zoo and gives valise to an elephant who hits him on the head with it.