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Has a little daydream of turning the valise into a lion trap and showing it to Theodore Roosevelt in the jungle.

Visits the zoo and gives valise to an elephant who hits him on the head with it.

Calls the valise a Jonah and sets it down next to him.It starts to move around and he decides that it is not a mental condition he has but a problem with a land turtle.

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Is caught visiting with friends who are bickering. Sneaks out. Last panel he is looking at a horse and cart and says, "They've only been married a month after knowing each other a week or two. Hello! Look at the colt being broken. Ha! Um!"

Tosses the valise into the ocean but a dog swims out and fetches it back.

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Fights with a bear.

Mr. Bunion gambles on horse racing and wins.

Mr. Bunion hears laughing and looks for the source.

Mr. Bunion throws the valise into ocean hoping the whale will eat it.

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Tries to get a goat to destroy the valise.
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