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Follows a sign that says opportunites are this way - running with others who kick up so much dust he can't compete.

Mr. Bunion trips over a bag of gold.

Chases Opportunity through a crowd.

Blows up valise with dynamite.

Tries to climb Get Rich Quick mountain.

Man really likes valise and Mr. Bunion thinks he is kidding. Another man comes by and explains that the first man really wanted the valise. Mr. Bunion is angry at himself for not realizing.

Tries to mail a letter and get $10,000 but he doesn't have money for a stamp.

Mr. White offers to take the valise to the North Pole, Mr. Black offers to take it to the South Pole.

Needs to catch a train to meet a man who will rid him of the valise. Rides a sled with some kids down to the depot, but they hit the man with TROUBLE and another with ILL LUCK and he misses the train.

Gets phone call from man who says he will destroy the valise but there is too much static on line
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