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Has a discussion with his niece over her photo album of friends. All of them married and are separated

Decides to get a haircut before he meets the great leader of women's suffrage.


Mr. Bunion ponders whether or not he should look into a machine that lets you see your future. As he does, people step up and find their futures to be disappointing. Mr. Bunion decides not to look and walks away.

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The valise is missing causing the whole house to scurry about. A servant brings it in because he had taken it outside to dust it off.

Follows a man who says he lives on Easy St. but every house he thinks is his they pass. In the end, the man goes to a woman for money and Mr. Bunion says, 'Just as I thought. A woman is supporting him."

Talks with a man who writes gossip for "The Daily Blast" - defaming decent women whom Mr. Bunion likes. Last panel he is thankful for the old valise.
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