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McCay, Winsor, 1867?-1934




New York Evening Telegram


New York Herald Co.


Goes to a phrenologist.


Kirsten A. McKinney
New York State Library




comic strip



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A Pilgrim's Progress By Mister Bunion




New York Evening Telegram


[Prof. Knob PHRENOLOGIST] Mr. Bunion: Prof. Knob! Huh! I'll go in and see him and let him examine the bumps on this cranium of mine. I'll let him examine my head and see what's in it, yep!
Mr. Bunion: I'd like to have you look at my head, sir! Examine it, and see what it contains!
Prof. Knob: It looks like a great head to me. Sit down and I'll look it over. Just sit down.
Mr. Bunion: I've always been curious to know just what was in it.
Prof. Knob: Well, sir its a very interesting top-piece I assure you! In the first place you have pluck of a prize fighter. You will never give up in the face of misfortune you smile! Your wonderful tenacity has brought you always what you grasped for! You have lived--
Mr. Bunion: I have grasped at an existence and I presume it was tenacity that--
Prof. Knob: Yes, that's what I said, you got it. Your pluck has enabled you to exist. You have lived a very fast, high, and strenuous life yet your constitution has kept you up. You love the grand, the beautiful--
Mr. Bunion: That's no idle dream, Prof!
Prof. Knob: You never did nor never will have a care or trouble for the reason that your utter disregard for the reverses overwhelms all obstacles in your path! You sing and dance a great deal and in that manner arouse a cheerful nature your possess but which some times sleeps.
Mr. Bunion: Sometimes did you say?My cheerful nature sometimes sleeps
Prof. Knob: Occasionally it dozes as it were yes! Your thirst for work and wonderful ingenuity, along financial lines, has brought you great wealth, health, and luxury. If I
Mr. Bunion: If you what? Are you through with me?
Prof. Knob: Yes, if I had a head as perfect as full of art, music, literature, finance, pluck, endurance, reason, passion and love, I think I should be in a position to---
Mr. Bunion: To carry one of these! Yes! Unless you had nerve and gall! I have everything I guess on the calendar, but nerve. Can you loan me some?
Prof. Knob: It's a nice day isn't it for this time of year?

Original Format

newspaper comic strip

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11.8" X 8.5"

NYSL Microfilm Citation

NY 01 New York 93-31968, DEC 1906 -FEB 15 1907 Reel 104


Winsor McCay, "A Pilgrim's Progress," Winsor McCay Early Works III, ed. Mark Thompson (West Carrollton, OH: Checker Book Publishing Group, 2004), pg.151




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